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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent – Victor Hugo

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Feb 27, 2020  The free and open-source software is mentioned on almost every single audio editing thread out there, and for good reason. Like I said, Audacity is free, like completely free, and that makes it the most easily accessible software to anyone looking to get started with audio editing. Plus, it’s no slouch when it comes to the features either.

Whether working on new sound is your passion or a profession, you need a great music making tool to get the desired results. Well, it is not easy to find a software that needs minimal efforts and works exactly the way you want. If you’re one of them, then don’t worry we got your back. Here is the list of the best free audio editing software you can rely on for creating your masterpiece.

1. Audacity

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Audacity is an open source and cross-platform software that is perfect to use when recording and editing multi-track. It comes with tons of downloadable plug-ins that enrich the software even more.


  • This incredible tool supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit.
  • With Audacity, you can record multiple channels at once.
  • It let you export MP3 files with the optional LAME encoder library without any trouble.
  • It has inherent built-in effects such as echo, reverb, reverse, distortion, limiter, paulstretch, and phaser.

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2. Wavepad Sound Editor

Platform: Windows and Mac

It is one of the best free audio editing software for Mac and Windows. It is a professional music editor that allows you to cut, copy, paste and add effects like reduce noise, amplification in your recording. Wavepad supports almost all the file formats such as flac, wma, vox, gsm, au, ogg and aif.


  • You can search, scrub, and bookmark audio for your desired and precise editing.
  • You can simply create bookmarks and regions to rapidly find, recall and assemble segments of long audio files in real time.
  • It comes with various audio effects including amplify, echo, reverse, normalize, envelope, equalizer, reverb, etc.
  • Wavepad comes with user friendly interface that allows you to utilize non-destructive audio editing in just a few minutes.

3. GarageBand

Platform: Mac

Best free easy to use audio editing software mac free

GarageBand is an amazing tool that is designed for easy music making by Apple. It is the easiest and quickest way to add realistic, impeccably produced and performed drum grooves to great music recording. With GarageBand, you can perform more than millions of unique groove and fill combinations


  • You can create a masterpiece with up to 255 tracks.
  • You can select between 28 players from popular genres, for example, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM, and Alternative.
  • With GarageBand, you can easily shape any music of choice from the library with a custom set of buttons, knobs and sliders.
  • The tool allows you to create a ringtone of your favorite music, export to your iTunes library, or share it directly to SoundCloud.

4. Ocenaudio

Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux

With Ocenaudio, you can easily edit and analyze your audio recording with ease. Apart from offering an incredible waveform view of your audio files, it also provides a strong, effective and complete spectrogram view. You can simply analyze spectral content of your audio signal in a spectrogram view along with maximum clarity.


  • It is capable of supporting VST plugins.
  • You can get real-time preview of effects.
  • The software comes with a clean, modern and easy to use interface.
  • With Ocenaudio, you can effectively edit your large files in no time.

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Platform: Windows, Mac and Linux.

LMMS is another cross-platform tool and music editing software. With LMMS, you can straightforwardly create, edit, melodies, beats, synthesizing and mixing sounds, arranging samples, etc. It’s a well-designed software for musicians and individuals.


  • It is built-in 32-bit VST instrument support.
  • You can easily playback your notes via MIDI or typing on a keyboard.
  • It lets you import MIDI files and Hydrogen project files without any troubles.
  • You can compose, sequence, mix and automate songs at one place with user centric interface.

Overall, all the above mentioned free audio editing software are full-featured with tons of useful and unique features. Download the one you liked the most and let us know what your opinion.

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What Do You Think?

We all love to listen to some great music and relax with the earphones on. It is quite common that you would love to plug your earphones on and go for a stroll or have a morning jog that would refresh your senses.

We might not be really impressed with some of the track being played on and would put out some suggestions that would help modify the track giving it a more pleasing feel. Well, now with the advancement in digital technology and hardware, users can have a great experience in making the audio track of your choice; provided one has the knack and the passion for it.

The growing proliferation in music technology has only lead to the increase in the demand of sound editors and mixers who are responsible for giving that final touch to the music track that the composes wishes to showcases while ensuring that there are no unnecessary obstructions in the music track that could be the reason for the users not having a great experience while listening to the track.

The job of a music producer awaits you if you are one of those who would love to tinker about with sounds and discover the magical essence of music which binds generations together. We now have a number of software that has made our job to edit the audio files easier than ever before and has given us the liberty to experiment with various sounds at the comfort of our homes.

There has been a proliferation of such software in the market that has given normal people like me who might not really come from a sound musical background to actually experiment with many of the sounds present in the software and come up with our unique masterpieces.

What are audio editing software? Why is there a need to use them?

Audio editing software is coming to the foray in the market in recent times. It allows the users to perform a number of experiments as one starts from a journey from scratch to reach the cusp of composing a masterpiece as per the creative taste of the users.

Many of these software has proliferated at a rapid pace across the market and has rather play the role of bringing a revolution that has changed the face of music in recent times. It has given a huge boost to the electronic music segment while it has been instrumental in making the job of music production easier than ever before.

Passion knows no bounds, while once it was not really possible to produce audio tracks without an expensive studio set-up. Now, with audio editing software, you have the power in your hand to carve out tracks of your choice and gives one a great degree of creative liberty while working around and tinkering with an array of sounds that are available at the disposal of the users.

The need to use them arises from the fact that music production has been made really easy and convenient. It gives you that perfect platform actually to go forward and make an impression through the web which integrates your beautiful musical experience while working with the same.

All, you need is the passion raging in your blood to actually give it your best while you are working on the track. It gives the best output and also helps the users to enhance their creative ability in the long run and also allows one to showcase their works out to the world who would accept quality music with glee.

We have understood the need for audio editing software. Now, we would delve into details about some of the best audio editing software for Windows and Mac; which would give you a great experience and would be that perfect boost for the musical buds out there ready to make their mark.

Let us first look into some of the best audio editing software for Windows:

1. Adobe Audition

A product coming from the Adobe production has quality written all over it. It holds same for the Audition software that comes loaded with multiple features.

It allows you to perform multiple functions like multi-track editing and comes coupled with stability improvements that give the users a smooth and rich experience.

2. Audacity

Audacity is one of the most common audio editing software that is used by many of the users who are starting in the field of music production and comes with a simple interface.

It is one of the best free audio editing software that is perfect for everyone. It might not have the best of an interface, but it still remains as one of the most reliable platforms to work on.

3. Reaper

Reaper is one of the leading audio editing software that allows one to create professionally curated audio files, which can be done easily once you have a professional touch to the work that you do on the software.

It offers you a multi-channel stream for all your experiments and gives one the flexibility to twerk around the various audio files, as it gives one the best output. The professionalism that comes attached to the software makes it one of the best audio editing software for Windows.

4. FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the most professional looking software in the market. It comes with an array of features to work, FL Studio is one of those platforms that has been able to redefine EDM music and is used by many budding EDM artists around the world. Gives you ability to perform tasks using various plugins.

The platform also offers you some of the best sound mixers at your disposal that allows the users to use and experiment with various sound effects.

5. Ableton Live

A vintage name that would come to the lips of any of the music producers who love working around and tweaking with sounds and effects which gives the users a great sense of control while working with the same.

One of the best audio editing software that is available in the market. The vintage software has some of the best features to offer to you while creating your audio.

6. Cubase

Software that is coming from Steinberg, a pioneering name in the field of music. It comes with one of the neatest interfaces among many of the audio editing software that is in the market. It comes with some of the best features; of which some of them are quite unique.

With features starting from frequency equalizer to multiple streaming channels being offered to the users. The name of Steinberg attached to it makes it one of the best audio editing software.

Top mac productivity apps 2015. Jun 11, 2020  Best Productivity Apps For Mac. I have a demanding job as a sales executive, a family with two kids, I’m a blogger, and I workout 4-5x a week. One of the best productivity apps is the aptly named Todoist, a multi-platform planner app that keeps things efficient with a clean, gimmick-free approach to interface and task management.

Now, we would be turning our attention to look at some of the best audio editing software for Mac:

7. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a complete virtual professional studio that you can access on mac. It comes with one of the best professional features that one can come across.

It would offer you immersive features and comes with a modern interface that allows you to do the work of editing the audio while at ease. The software with its professional set-up and the modern interface it has to offer; it is one of the best audio editing software available for the user.

8. Garage Band

Garage Band is one of the easiest software that is available at the disposal of the user and allows the users to dive into a feature-rich experience while keeping simplicity at the core of things.

Just like Garage is the spot where you mend your automobiles, the software allows you to go through a number of features while you come up with that perfect audio track. The simplicity that comes with the software makes it one of the best audio editing software.

9. DSP-Quattro

DSP-Quattro is one of the few master audio editing software that is available for use to the users. It offers you an array of options to work with and there is a touch of mastery attached to the output that comes out.

The software also supports a number of plug-ins that enhances your overall experience while you work around with the tools and features in the software. It is one of the software that is highly recommended and is one of the best audio editing software that fits the bill perfectly.

10. Macsome Audio editor

Best Free Easy To Use Audio Editing Software Mac Os

Macsome Audio Editor is specific software that works perfectly with Mac devices while giving the users the best of experience and ensuring that there are no hiccups while performing the requisite tasks.

It comes around one of the most stable software that has made its way out to the market to serve devices with Mac installed on it. It allows you to work around with multiple formats and also convert them if there is a need to do so.

11. AVS Audio Editor

AVS Audio Editor is one the simplest audio editing software that one can access and apply their trade and come up with some of the best audio outputs while going around the software and coming up with something new and interesting.

One of the leading software that is used by beginners to understand the various professional aspects of audio editing. The simplicity of the software makes it one of the best audio editing software.

12. NCH Wavepad

NCH Wavepad is a full-fledged professional software that allows you to work around with a number of effects and also allows the users to come up with a high-quality output while understanding the nuances associated with the same.

It has one of the most modern and sleek interfaces to offer to the users. It can be used for a number of file formats. It can be installed for free but it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Best Free Easy To Use Audio Editing Software Mac Pro

Wrapping it up!!

Audio editing is slowly emerging to be the next big thing in the market. We have more and more youngsters who are flocking towards being a music producer and add something new to the music industry and bring a new taste to the same.

Video Editing Software Mac Free

Well, there was a need for a professional recording studio before to actually come up with something called as true professional audio. Now, we have audio editing software which allows the users to work with the intricacies of audio and come up with professional output. We looked at some of the best audio editing software for Windows and Mac that gives one a professional experience.

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