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When you aspire to be a disc jockey, then you will need the best equipment in the market to mix the songs. It should be done in such a way that the mixing is done seamlessly. You will be able to use certain DJ mixing software for this purpose. Some music mixer software will have many advanced tools and these best DJ software are very easy to use. MiXimum is the DJ's best friend. MiXimum plays and mixes wav, mp., ogg and mod audio files. Scratch DJ Academy MIX Free to tryVIEW → Mix and analyze your digital music.

  1. Jun 01, 2013  Looking to get some DJ software for Mac, I've used Virtual DJ on my PC and I have real turn tables and a mixer, but now I want the best DJ softwaer I can get on my Mac so when I don't want to lug around my case to clubs I can just bring my Ibook if I'm playing a small set.
  2. Sep 10, 2014  Electronic e mix easy dj software for mac, emulator download easy to use freeeasy, exe easy to use dj software. Effects free download effects dj.

The party comes to life when the DJ pushes all his efforts and machineries to its maximum. A DJ setup is expensive, and it needs a lot of training and education to deal with it. A one-hour manual may not help you drive the DJ decks available. With a plethora of machines and music mixers, DJing is definitely a hard job to perform. Presently, it is well-known that the best way to DJ is through a computer. Whether it’s a Windows PC or a Mac, you’re provided with all the necessary tools and software to perform your job. It is always great to have the best DJ software for WIndows & Mac installed on your machine before you hit the stage.

Fortunately, this is the era where you’re blessed with myriads of professional DJ software available online. You may find mixers that are capable of mixing not just two but upto four DJ decks at a time. These software are made so diligently that you don’t feel going manual again. The features and benefits of having a DJ software on your Windows or Mac machine would not only help you mix the music well but also improve your job performance. You may also consider upgrading your DJ setup with a hardware controller that lets you do almost everything that you could do with those old-school setups.

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Today, we’re going to suggest to you the best DJ software that you can employ on your Windows or Mac machine and improve your live performance.

1.Traktor Pro 2

Best Free Dj Software For Mac 2014

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 is one of the best DJ software available online. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac machines that you can download with one click.Traktor Pro 2 is a 4 Deck DJ software that is able to create on the go remixes with effective cueing and looping. The tool lets you add tension and drama with the industry’s largest FX suite on fully customizable and versatile interface. Traktor Pro 2 is geared up with many features like tempo sync, music mixer, cueing, looping, remix sets, flux mode, FX suite etc.

Traktor Pro 2 is provided with the latest Stems technology that is a new audio file format. It splits your music tracks into channels based on four musical elements i.e. bass, drums, vocals and melody. The technology eases the task to mix in innovative ways and create spontaneous edits, acapellas, instrumentals, and more. Traktor Pro 2 is able to work with almost every hardware and controller. You’re also free to use any MIDI compatible controller. Many manufacturers and DJ communities offer Traktor mapping to download to help use it better.

2. Rekordbox DJ

If you’re looking for a professional and dedicated DJ software that can support both Windows and Mac, rekordbox dj would go for you. It is a fast and reliable tool that emits a pro level superior quality sound with no latency at all. The tool offers multi-deck mixing with 2 or 4 decks and uses Pioneer DJ controllers for plug & play access to dope features. With rekordbox dj, you can mix any combination of tracks in perfect harmony using their keys. The Key Sync is designed to automatically change key of your next track that matches your master deck.

Rekordbox dj also sets you free to use any type of player or device as its GUI is perfectly matched with the layout of your hardware. The tool is the most effortless and intuitive that lets you choose from 2 or 4 DJ decks with horizontal or vertical views. On top of that, the RELATED TRACKS feature lets you feature additional track characteristics which you can use to take a look at other tracks with same traits. The rekordbox dj Automix is powerful enough to mix your playlist with highest accuracy. The Automix also employs track information to produce a natural mix. Moreover, if you don’t have separate speakers to test your music, it lets you use your laptops in-built speaker while simultaneously using the controller for your headphones.

3. Mixxx

Mixxx is one of the easiest to use DJ software for Windows and Mac that comes for FREE. The tool provides you with a four deck scratchable platform that lets you beat loop, master sync, beat rolls & censors and mark and activate the cue points and loops on beat time (Quantization). The tool also lets you load up to 64 sampler decks to layer your mix. You can also get a unique twist on your mix by linking up to three effects in row. If you wish to fine tune your sound, you can tweak each parameter separately.

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If you’re concerned about the hardware support, Mixxx has proven to be a great match with a variety of hardware without the vendor lock-ins. It supports the MIDI and HID controller support. Mixx also facilitates a sophisticated music library that is designed by DJs to help organize your music so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time to look up the next track. Features like BPM, Key Detection and Auto DJ make Mixxx as the one of the best choice. If you do not have any DJ software on your machine, Mixxx should be your choice.

Free Mac ISO Burning Software Free Disco. Rating: 4/5 Price: Free Download. Disco allows a Mac user to make perfect ISO images and burn them in the disks. It is also capable to read different other image files and supports multisession. The software is available free at the website link provided below and with proper license number. Feb 27, 2020  Top 2 Free DVD Burners for Mac — Burn Videos onto DVD 1. Seemingly as its name suggests, Burn works as a reliable Mac free DVD burner catering to your need. Once launching the software, you will encounter a succinct interface directly telling you a burning division of four modes: Data, Audio, Video, and Copy. Bebst burning software for mac. Best DVD Burner for Mac 1. Burn is open source DVD/CD burner software, it has gained wide reputation for doing basic burning tasks. You can even use Burn for Mac to copy DVD files (.dmg, iso, cue/bin, etc.). This DVD burner even supports authoring simple interactive DVD menu like. Burning data, music, and videos to a disc saves space and allows use of media on the go. Burn for Mac is a capable and free alternative to native programs, albeit with a simple interface.

Overall, DJing is more of a passion than a profession. However, if you enjoy what you do, you may go places with that. You can download and install any of the above listed DJ software that are proven to upscale your performance and help you build a rapport with your audience. It is important that you download the software from the authorized and official website and not from an unauthorized third-party website. If you know some more DJ software and music mixer tools that can help you with this profession, do let us know in the comments below.

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Picking a right free DJ software matching your needs is cumbersome. On the paid DJ softwares there are many options. The most used paid DJ software in the world Tractor Pro, Virtual Dj and Ableton Live. But what if you do not want to spend a penny on it and still want a pro feature packed DJ software. We have compiled a list of best free DJ software for your computer which you can use completely free of cost.

1 . Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is no doubt the best free DJ software. It lets you edit, mix and record various audio sources with a easy to use interface. Its current version is 8 which is an upgrade over its previous version and it has added a lot of pro features in it. In its sandbox feature you can create a mix while audience is still listening to it.Web based features require you to create a account at its website.

2. Mixxx

Mixx was also the first one offering free DJ software. Mixx is Fully free and open source DJ tool. It is good for mixing, programming and matching of audio files for live shows or simply learning. Features like Beat Looping, Intuitive Pitchbend, Auto DJ and BPM detection make it stand apart in best DJ softwares in the market. You can learn MIXX instantly with manual, faq and wiki on its website easily. For getting further support you can join community forum also to ask co users of the software.

3 . Cross DJ

Cross DJ one of the best free DJ tool has a very simple interface and comes with Video mixing , four cool players and customizable waveforms Videos can be mixed in an easy manner just like you mix audio. In some terms it is even simpler than virtual DJ. You can use webcam input to stream video right into the editing interface and also easily sync your video with audio. Although a paid version exists, but its free version will be ok for 99% of your DJ needs.


Unlike other DJ software/ mixer which have 4 decks only , zulu software has six decks. When you import any audio file in mp3 etc. format, it scan and assigns a beat to it. You can increase or decrease beats per minute and add effects on the fly to generate amazing audio effects. You can import audio easily via drag and drop interface of this software and also preview your audio while running music with a secondary output.

5. PartyCloud Online

Who needs a DJ software / Mixer on their pc, if you can find it free online. I think relying on an online DJ software on live shows is foolishness, but trying it to create awesome music online and that too for free is a great decision. Although its not a software , but an online web service with 20 million songs database from soundcloud is really great.

6. Kra Mixer

KraMixer is one of the best free dj mixeruses which uses FMOD sound engine, the same used in Xbox. It has features like automatic BPM Matching with eight built in sound effects. It has also got an option for Headphone Cueing which is great for this kind of software which is totally free. All in all a software matching standards of a pro paid DJ Software.

7. TacTile Mp3 DJ

Its a Visual DJ software / mixer for Mp3 files Only and lacks dozens of features like the earlier one in the list, But it is a robust and performing freeware as far as mp3 Dj requirement are concerned. The software is written in macromedia Director and C++ plugin. It is freely available for download at Sourceforge website.

8. Serato DJ Intro

Best Free Dj Software For Mac

Serato DJ Intro is one among the best DJ software free to download which allows for two deck professional mixing on your PC. It locks the tracks together for smooth grooves and has iTunes support also. Relatively new kid on the block, it is getting downloaded at a very fast pace from Software download websites. It sample player can play up to 4 short samples including the two audio tracks you are mixing while using this software.

9. Blaze Free DJ

Blaze is one of the best free DJ mixing tool is having a low latency sound engine based on asio. It has spectrum colored waveform enabled in it and also have BPM detection included with syncing ability. It is also a new completely free software in the list, but really power packed with all pro like features.

10. DJ Mix Lite

DJ Mix Lite is also one of the best free DJ mixing tool for PC. It has a built in beatlock feature and is designed to make continuous music play with beat matching and cross fading of audio files. It does not alter those files. That is why the name suggest lite and is good for beginners to try and get a feel of how to use a dJ software.

11. Ultra Mixer

UltraMixer is one of the best free DJ software and comes with a lot of cool features aspired by a budding Dj professional. Although with keyboard control, things become a little lengthy, but a cool dj freeware to go for.

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Free Dj Apps For Mac

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