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  • Popular Data Recovery Software for Mac Until today, over 3.000.000 people have downloaded this data recovery software. It shows that iSkysoft is a powerful, popular, and the best data recovery software. It helps so many people to get their lost data on Mac right away even in the urgent conditions.
  • Sep 18, 2018  Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is extremely easy to use, yet it's powerful features to handle all types of data loss scenarios as seen by the four recovery modes available on its main interface: Lost File Recovery, Raw Recovery, Partition Recovery, and Resume Recovery.
  • Apr 10, 2017  The Best Free Data Recovery Tools 2017 Share. Platforms: Windows and Mac. Then data recovery software are by far the best solution. Using them, all.
  • The data recovery part of Stellar’s software palette, Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a powerful do-it-yourself utility to get data back from any Mac computer. On launch, users can personalize the software’s search by applying filters and instructing the software to ignore all other document types.

iSkysoft, as a company, has grown to be among the top favorite brands in the field of computer and technology today. The company is well known for its numerous production of utility software, which serves over 3 million people in various areas including multimedia, business, mobility, and data.

Considering this, the iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac has been regarded by most of its users as a simple, safe, and powerful recovery software for data and files that may be formatted, deleted, or even lost from numerous devices such as internal and external disks, flash drives, and memory cards just to mention a few.

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac: We all feel gutted and disgusted when we accidentally delete some important files from your Mac PC. Data deletion is a very common phenomenon and we all have experienced this unfortunate event at least once in our lifetime. There are several reasons why we experience data loss, but two are the most significant.

Surprisingly, the Mac data recovery software can also retrieve mail format files, making it not only impressive but also unique. The Mac data recovery tool has other significant features.

Easy to Use

Unlike numerous similar data recovery software, iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac is user-friendly, which means its simplicity allows an easy usage for any Mac user.


Considering the Mac data recovery tool is a product from one of the most famous software developer companies, it would be safe to say its reputation precedes it. Also, iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac uses the most unconventional algorithms for scanning ensuring minimal or no damage during the recovery process.

Supported Files, Devices and OS

The recovery tool supports the most recent Mac OS, Sierra. Therefore, there are no compatibility issues with it. As far as file formats are concerned, most, if not all, formats can be recovered including Emails, Archives, Documents, Audios, Videos, and Images. The software can recover most common files from Mac supported devices, Digital Cameras, Memory Cards, Hard Drives, USB Devices, and Audio Players.

The price of this software is also pocket-friendly considering they charge a flat fee of $79.95 for a one-year license. Amazingly, they offer a lifetime plan package that costs $89.95, which is inclusive of a lifetime of free support and updates that cost $89.95 as a package.

Advantages of the iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

  • The software can recover any file format
  • The software can recover most common files from Mac supported devices, Digital Cameras, Memory Cards, Hard Drives, USB Devices, and Audio Players.
  • The tool can restore data that is lost as a result of software crashes, unanticipated power failures, virus infection, deletion, formatting, and other such reasons
  • It is compatible with any Mac OS
  • It can recover data from NTFS, ex-FAT, FAT32/16, HFSX, and HFS+ file systems

Disadvantages of the iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

  • Using the trial version, the lost data and files can be retrieved, but the results cannot be saved.
  • Protected files cannot be copied by the recovery software


All in all, the Mac data recovery software is a good buy as you are sure to get value for your money. Just like the other iSkysoft utility software, the Data Recovery for Mac has gone above and beyond to precede the company’s reputation by providing a solution where its competitors have fallen short. Unlike the past where you would have to consult a professional to handle such a task, this software gives you the ability to handle your Mac’s data recovery by yourself.

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac: We all feel gutted and disgusted when we accidentally delete some important files from your Mac PC. Data deletion is a very common phenomenon and we all have experienced this unfortunate event at least once in our lifetime. There are several reasons why we experience data loss, but two are the most significant. First, if we or somebody else accidentally delete the crucial files from our Mac PC. Second, when we attach an external hard drive to your Mac and format the drive. But in both the cases, we can recover the data or files we have lost. How? If we run a data recovery software on your Mac desktop or laptop, they can retrieve the data with ease. So in this tutorial, we have shed light on some of the best data recovery software for Mac which has proven their efficiency over time and time again.

But before we jump onto the list of the top file recovery software for Mac, we should know how these data recovery software actually works and which metrics should we keep in our mind before installing such software on your Mac PC. When you delete a file from the hard-disk drive (HDD), the OS removes the name of the file from the HDD’s file table. If you consider the HDD as a book, the file table works as the table of contents. So when we remove a title from the table of contents, it does not mean that the piece is no longer available in the book, it remains exactly in the same place. Similarly, when you delete a file from the hard-disk, the original file still remains available, only the name associated with it does not exist any longer.

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Now when you run a recovery software, it searches for the file tags. File tags are known as the file signatures or more commonly as the file types (like jpeg, doc,mp3,mp4, xls, pdf) and when the software identifies the file type, it tries to recompile the file by recreating the file table. Although the file gets stored in a single location, the file name exists in two different locations, either end of the drive. So even if one file table gets wiped out, the software easily finds the other one and tries to retrieve the file from the second file table. But there is a catch. Whenever you delete a file from the hard disk, the HDD considers the free space to store new data and tries to overwrite the file. So you will only be able to retrieve a file until it gets overwritten.

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Best Data Recovery Software for Mac- A Complete List

Now when you are looking for the best Mac data recovery software you should check some criteria before installing. The software is intuitive enough, that means you don’t have to guess what will be the next move. The each step of the process; scan, preview, sort and retrieve lost data will come in a specific order. Moreover, the software should be able to scan the hard disk partially or by the whole. Finally, the software should provide exceptional customer support through articles, tutorials, manuals, FAQs and the live chat option. Now, check out our list of the best file recovery software for Mac, where all the products satisfy the criteria we have mentioned here.

Best Data Recovery Software Mac 2017 Reviews

1> Disk Drill

Cheapest data recovery software mac

The first product which has occupied the first spot in our list is Disk Drill. There are two versions of this data recovery software- a basic version and the pro version. And both the versions offer some other functionalities apart from just recovering the data. Among those functionalities, most notable is the Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery features. The first one, Recovery Vault works as an extra layer to the trash bin which keeps an eye on the deleted data. The other one, Guaranteed Recovery works as a background service which makes a copy of each file transferred to a specific folder.

Apart from working on the internal and the external hard disks, Disk Drill also works on SSD drives, USB flash drives and on many other appliances attached to your Mac device like Android and iOS devices. The Pro version comes with an extensive database of various file types and uses fast and efficient scanning algorithms. The software also works on the clone version of the device and without tampering the original file. Users can also see the preview of the file to be recovered and the software comes with a friendly UI as well as offers extensive customer support for the lifetime.

2> Data Rescue 4

The next application on our list, Data Rescue 4 is another stellar file recovery software for Mac and is one of the fan favorites solely for its reliability and features. Designed by the Prosoft Engineering, Data Rescue 4 can recover data even from the crashed and corrupted hard drives. The software works best with the Mac OS X 10.7.5 & above versions, and can also be used to make your Mac hard drive more efficient.

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Although Data Rescue 4 does not provide great speed while retrieving files which have been deleted due to formatting or OS crash but ensures the users to get back their critical files. The application is able to search either the entire drive or the specific parts and can recover the files as per your requirements. Data Rescue 4 can recover HFS/HFS+ formatted drive too. Different types of files can be recovered through this software with utmost efficiency. The user-interface of the application is very intuitive and walks you through from the very first step to the last step. Still, if you face some challenges, you can watch the tutorial videos available on the official website.

3> Wondershare Data Recovery

If you are searching for a professional data recovery software for Mac, then Wondershare Data Recovery will be your best bet. This application comes with great functionality, amazing customer service, and an easy-to-understand interface which has made this software insanely popular among the Mac users. Wondershare Data Recovery can safely, completely and effectively retrieve audio, video, music, document, pdf; basically all kinds of files which have been lost or deleted. Moreover, the software supports data recovery from hard drives, recycle bin, flash drive, and memory card. Wondershare Data Recovery also retrieves files which have been lost due to formatting, sudden deletion, virus attack, hard drive corruption system crash and all the other ways possible.

The users get a preview of the files they are going to recover and the software supports more than 550 various types of files. The recovery process of the files is very genuine as it does not leak or modify the original files, only reads and recover. Apart from the Mac devices, you can recover files from the USB drives, smartphones, digital cameras and other storage media. The UI of the Wondershare Data Recovery software is very simple, friendly and the Wizard Recovery Mode helps to guide you the entire process.

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4> iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoySoft: Free Data Recovery for Mac

Next up, we have iBoysoft Data Recovery which is a very reliable and easy to use free mac data recovery software. One of the best features of this data recovery software is that it can recover deleted files even if it has been emptied from the trash. In addition it can also retrieve data from lost partitions, recover data from corrupted hard disk drives, external drives, USB flash drives, SD cards and so on. This software is fully compatible with macOS Mojave 10.14 and is also one of the first programs to be developed for recovering data from encrypted APFS startup/external drives.

Just like the other programs mentioned above, iBoysoft Data Recovery allows the users to preview the found files before they are recovered. In this way, you will be able to confirm which files you want to recover and choose to ignore the ones you do not require. The software also offers different filtering and sorting options to help the users target the useful content quickly and leave out the rest.

You can use this software to recover up to 1GB files for free and then choose to buy it if you have larger size of files to recover.

Wrap Up

Best Data Recovery Software Mac 2017 Free

We all have suffered from the unexpected data loss, and it seriously hurts. You can lose your precious captured moments, rare collection of the movies and discographies or important office files. Life generally does not give you a second chance, but if you use these best data recovery software for Mac, you can actually revert the time. So read the reviews of all the products very carefully, check the price, license, customer service and then only install the one which you have considered the best. Also, remember using the bestMac data recovery software is the last resort. So better take prevention than cure. Take a constant backup of all the critical files and can use various cloud services regarding this matter.

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