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Grammarly The Grammarly dashboard. I use this application to check my blog posts and book chapters for typos and spelling mistakes. The premium version of Grammarly has powerful features that also help you to improve your writing skills. It provides several editing recommendations such as avoiding passive voice, using shorter sentences, alternative word suggestions for using a broader. Mar 14, 2017  The best writing apps for your Mac, iPad and iPhone. Ben Lovejoy - Mar. 14th 2017 8:05 am PT @benlovejoy. If you have your own favorite writing apps, do share them in the comments. Jan 14, 2020  (Grammarly for Microsoft Office isn't currently supported on the Mac, however.). The 10 Best Writing Apps of 2020. The 10 Best Keyboards for Android in 2020. The Best 14 Chrome Extensions for Android in 2020. The 6 Best Translation Apps for iPhone and Android.

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Apr 01, 2020  There are several terrific writing apps available on the Mac App Store for focused writing. But if you don’t want to shell out the cash just yet, try one of these free tools for capturing your articles, stories, or essays. Writing with a distraction-free tool allows you to concentrate on what’s most important, your words. Apr 21, 2020  Here are the best journal apps to consider downloading to your device or using on a computer. The 8 Best Mac Apps of 2020. Keep a Daily Journal and Track Goals with Evernote. The 11 Best Google Play Apps of 2020. The Best Calorie Counter Apps of 2020. The 10 Best Writing Apps of 2020. 5 Best Goal Tracker Apps for 2020. The 7 Best Tsunami.

With the beginning of a new decade, it's time to adapt to some new habits as well. One of the top picks in this scenario is writing. Yes, that’s true!

A significant number of people move towards writing when it comes to choosing a new hobby. And it doesn’t always have to be related to becoming an author or something like that. Something as simple as maintaining notes can be referred to as writing initiative.

Technology is here to give us a hand with our daily tasks, including ‘manual labor,’ like writing articles, a speech, a project or an essay. In consequence, writing apps have arisen to give us the chance to be more productive. If you want to make the best of your writing, keep reading and learn about the best writing apps.

Top Writing Apps You Need To Try In 2020

Here is the list of some of the best writing apps along with their key features that you need to make use of to improve your writing skills:

1. Drafts - Best Writing App

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This app works as a digital notepad you can carry on your phone. From it, you can export to other apps, tag and organize your notes, and adjust the interface at your preference. It’s available only for iOS.

Notable Features of Drafts as one of the best writing apps:

  • An additional set of widgets with better-shared extension options
  • Drafts provide its users with enhanced Automation
  • You can customize your theme, app icon and so much more

You can download this free writing app for iOS

2. Quip - Best Writing App

Also featured in:Best Note Taking Apps

This is a great app to take quick notes whenever you need or to write a more elaborate document. It is available for Mac and PC, and you can carry it on your Android or iOS devices. In addition this, users can also use free tools like plagiarism checker for checking if the content is copied.

Notable Features of Quip as one of the best writing apps:

  • Full-featured spreadsheets that support more than 400 functions
  • Options for real-time chat and messaging are integrated into the app
  • It provides the comfort of organizing task lists for home

You can download this story writing app for Android and iOS

3. JotterPad - Best Writing App

This writing app allows you to export to PDF or DOCX and use the files on your computer. It’s free, but with a payment, you can unlock more features. Some consider this as one of the best essay writing apps available for Android users.

Notable Features of JotterPad as one of the best writing apps:

  • It offers a built-in dictionary for searching accurate words
  • It comes with the option to connect with Google Drive and Dropbox to support offline writing
  • The app includes dark themes, phrase searches, Markdowns, snapshots and so much more

You can download this poem writing app for Android

4. Editorial - Best Writing App

Editorial’s an app for professionals and frequently thought of as the best writing applications for the iPhone. The interface is user-friendly and allows synchronization with Dropbox accounts. It is only compatible with iOS.

Notable Features of Editorial as one of the best creative writing apps:

  • The app comes with an In-App Browser feature
  • The extended keyboard was specifically designed for writing Markdown
  • Snippets can now include dynamic text such as the current date and clipboard contents

You can download this letter writing app for iOS

5. Day One Journal - Best Writing App

A beautiful app designed for iOS, Android and Mac that helps you keep a daily journal. It has an award-winning design, which will be easy to find that old note you took for your speech some days ago.

Notable Features of Day One Journal as one of the best creative writing apps:

  • 'On This Day' flashbacks along with Nearby entries
  • Features of Passcode and Finger Print lock for ultra-security
  • Option to use tags to find daily journals with ease

You can download this journal writing app for Android and iOS

6. Scrivener - Best Writing App

Until recently, this writing app was compatible just with Mac and PC, but now you can also use it on your iPhone. Among its features, it allows you to share files between devices.

Quit app in taskbar mac. Jun 07, 2018  How to force an app to quit Press these three keys together: Option, Command, and Esc (Escape). This is similar to pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a. Select the app in the Force Quit window, then click Force Quit.

Best Apps For Iphone

Notable Features of Scrivener as one of the best writing apps:

  • Users can easily split the imported text into various separate sections
  • Option to quickly navigate through sections using the binder sidebar
  • You can track your ideas using labels or status

You can download this essay writing app for iOS

7. iA Writer - Best Writing App

Also featured in:Top Essay Writing Apps

iA Writer is an app with outstanding compatibility: it can work in iOS and Android. The interface is easy to use and has a good set of features. With this app you can write an idea, a paper, a speech, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Notable Features of iA Writer as one of the best writing apps:

  • It includes an inverted light-on-dark mode
  • The app follows no custom file format or database
  • It creates a clean, simple and distraction-free writing environment for the user

You can download this note writing app for iOS

8. Grammarly - Best Writing App

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Online you can find help for any chart you need to do. If I don´t feel too productive and need something written, I prefer to hire a service to write my speech for me, for example, and have a good result. But when I’m doing the writing and need someone to look after my spelling, then I go with Grammarly, a great grammar checker available for Mac and PC.

Notable Features of Grammarly as one of the best writing apps:

  • It comes with a sophisticated grammar checker
  • It provides smooth integration with all other apps
  • The user receives short, clear explanations for every correction

You can download this note writing app for Android and iOS

9. Ulysses - Best Writing App

Poster making software mac. Also featured in:Best Note Taking Apps

This is a great writing app for and iPad, mainly because it offers a satisfying writing experience with its clear interface. This is a very simple and useful writing tool, where users can annotate text in a simple way. You can even use it online as it provides a wide range of compatibility.

Notable Features of Ulysses as one of the best writing apps:

  • It is a markup-based and distraction-free editor
  • Users can manage projects of all kinds and sizes from novels to study notes
  • Option to convert your text into PDFs, Word documents and even eBooks

You can download this daily writing app for iOS

10. Google Docs - Best Writing App

Google has a tool for everything, Google Docs is here to help you write and edit a document wherever you need to. It also allows you to create collective files with your teammates. This is a great assistant that will help you in your writing process by doing live editing and grammar check.

Notable Features of Google Docs as one of the best writing apps:

  • Users can add and respond to comments in the document
  • Option to share and collaborate in the same document at the same time
  • You can easily research it, right in Docs with the Explore feature
Best Apps For Writing Mac

You can download this cool writing app for Android and iOS

11. Microsoft Word - Best Writing App

Many times the classic is the right answer, and let’s face it: you can’t go wrong with Microsoft Word. You can use it in your Mac or PC, and also on your Android or iOS, with the functions and interface you are most familiar with.

Notable Features of Microsoft Word as one of the best writing apps:

  • Editor's version of history allows you to view earlier drafts
  • Option to read letters, docs, PDFs, and scripts with the Reading View
  • Users can share files and collaborate with just a few taps

You can download this good writing app for Android and iOS

12. Final Draft - Best Writing App

This is the most creative writing app you can find to do professional screenwriting, so it is set to the industry standards for scripts. It is compatible with Mac and iOS. If you need an app to work on syncing with your teammates, this is the right choice for you. It includes cool features like borderless pages and shared space with the team where they can all brainstorm and help each other.

Notable Features of Final Draft as one of the best writing apps:

  • SmartType feature remembers character names, scene headings and much more
  • The app offers professionally formatted TV, Film, and Stage Play templates to help the user in getting started
  • It also provides multi-language support for more than 95 different languages

You can download this good writing app for iOS

13. Evernote - Best Writing App

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This is one of the most used writing apps for phones, especially since it’s compatible with iOS as well as Android smartphones. It's a great way to keep short notes at hand. This incredible app is a readability evaluator that determines how well written your text is. It also points out what can be improved which definitely makes it one of the best essay writing apps.

Notable Features of Evernote as one of the best writing apps:

  • Use your camera to capture, scan and comment on notes
  • You can create separate notepads to organize different documents
  • Option to create, share and discuss notes with the other people

You can download this letter writing app for Android and iOS

So, what to choose?

Choosing a top writing app is a very personal decision that will depend on aspects like if you need to share your files, how often do you write, how long are your texts and if you do it professionally. Those answers will be the best guide to find the right app.

We hope that the above-mentioned mobile apps will turn out to be of great help for aspiring writers or for someone who is just looking to write notes with ease. In case you still have some questions regarding the features offered by any writing app, you can always go ahead and take a look at the detailed app review of that particular app to gain more insights on the same.

  • How can I write better?

    The top writing apps mentioned above will help you in writing better in terms of grammar, in-built writing tools, and other advanced functionalities to provide a smooth writing environment.

  • How can I write faster?

    There are many factors that will help you in increasing your writing speed. One of the most important ones being the practice of writing daily. Apart from that, there are a number of amazing tools available in the market to assist you in writing efficiently.

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