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EDIT: Solution was to switch 'Allow apps to access your camera' to ON in 'Camera privacy settings' (Windows 10).

Just connect the USB to a Mac or PC and run the software, as it uses the same USB connection that the ATEM Mini's webcam output uses. You can also use ATEM Software Control via ethernet if you have more than one operator working on the same job at the same time. Sep 21, 2017  The ATEM Control Software (on Windows. Probably same on Mac) is 1360 x 680 pixels. So your Mac would not display the entire control surface. It's absolutely possible to both control the ATEM and record the H.264 on the same computer.

Jun 28, 2020  An added perk is that the software isn’t exclusive to Mac, so you can switch between different computers with different operating systems if you need to. That subscription gives you access to Premiere Pro for editing all sorts of video, from 3D and even 8K. Movie tagging software for mac windows 10.

I can't get OBS and various other programs to properly recognize the ATEM Mini USB 'webcam'.
For background: I've read the relevant sections of the manual as far as set-up, connecting to computer, etc, and I've installed the Blackmagic 'ATEM Switchers 8.1 Update' software from 12 Nov 2019.
I have two cameras going into the ATEM Mini, both showing fine and switching/cutting properly on the HDMI-connected external monitor.
I've tried connecting the ATEM Mini to my computer using two different USB-C to USB-A cables -- one USB 3.1 and one USB 2.0 -- using different 2.0 and 3.0 ports on my computer. The result is the same.
Atem Control Panel Software Mac PcSoftware interactions:
I'm able to control the switcher perfectly from the ATEM Software Control program, though whenever I first open the program, I get 'No device connected' displayed for a few seconds before the control panel interface appears. From there I can control the switcher without issue.
In OBS, the ATEM Mini is not recognized and doesn't show up as an option when setting up a new Video Capture Device.
Facebook Live's camera dropdown shows 'Blackmagic Design (1edb:be49)', but when I select it, it says 'Unable to find camera. Please connect a camera and verify correct camera permissions in your browser.'Software
In Skype camera settings, it doesn't see it at all: 'No device found.'

Atem Software Control App Download

Atem Control Panel Software Mac Pc Free

Not sure where to go from here, so I'd really appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thank you!
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