Am I Being Hacked Using Mac Terminal

  1. Is My Mac Hacked

If you see strange things—toolbars, pop-ups, new programs you didn't have before—it's likely you've been hacked. Here's the point to all of this: If you're lucky, you've never been hacked. Or is it that it's already happened, but you're not aware of it?

Do you have any reason to believe your mac is hacked?

Have you installed any suspicious software recently?

Do you have someone with access to your mac who might install something without your knowledge (which requires them to have an administrative password and access to the system)

outside of that are you running any type of Mac Anti-Virus. If so most, if not all offering have been cited on these forums as points of failure on the Mac and in many, if not all cases removal of them restores system functionality and response. Reputable AV companies will post instructions to remove their products. At this time there are no known Mac Virus in the wild, meaning no securities lab in the world has posted any findings of a Mac virus that has shown up on the internet at this time, please do not confuse this statement with the absurdity of 'macs can't get viruses.', what I'm saying is 'they don't appear to have one yet, and mac AV is not nearly as flexible as it's windows counterpart and has been known to cause serious problems and not offer much of any protection'

secondly are you running any 3rd party system utility or network utility, again, these products are know to cause problem and are not only needed they commonly conflict with OS X, remove them from your system.

If you are unsure of what you are running please post an etrecheck report for the volunteers here to look further as to what your system is running, This report does not contain any personal or confidential information. the software was developed by a long time member of this forum with the primary purpose of helping mac users isolate a problem with their system and has had great success in doing this, an overwhelming majority of posts where it was asked attest to that.

May 2, 2016 2:51 PM

Use Terminal Hacks On your Mac OS X For Cool tricks

Apple OS X is one of the best operating systems out there. It blends with beautiful hardware of Apple and provides awesome user experience on top of a trusted UNIX system. Talk about UNIX system, OS X provides some great tools for geeks and hackers alike that make Macbook pro their favorite systems. We have seen how we can automate the internet sharing process using the Apple’s automation language – AppleScript. OS X also has an amazing application called the Terminal, that lets you control your whole system the way you see fit!

Is My Mac Hacked

The Terminal app usually sits in the Utilities or Other folder in the Applications. You do something on the Terminal by typing out the commands. For example, “ifconfig” displays the details of the network you are connected to either wired or wirelessly.

The Mac Tricks and Tips has this great article on some of the awesome hacks on OS X. There are a list of 22 hacks, some of which are really handy. I am going to list a few of the handy tricks that ought to be set to default on your OS X. You can copy and paste the commands here using ⌘ + C for copy and ⌘ + V for paste.

View Hidden Files on Finder

This is one of those hacks that I believe everyone would have. OS X Finder app displays all but those files that begin with a “.”. These files are generally hidden from the view. However with this hack, you can view all the hidden files and folders on your Finder.

To turn this feature off, you can use the following command.

Filter blue light from mac app. Lux Liteis not your ordinary blue light filter app. It dims the screen to the minimum level, making it an ideal app for night time use so the next time you want to read and use your Android device at night, you don’t need to blind yourself with to much light.

Disable the Warning while Emptying the Trash

Am I Being Hacked Using Mac Terminal

Whenever you empty the contents in the Trash app, you are always prompted with a warning. If you are annoyed by this warning, you can switch these prompts with the following hack

You can undo this with the following hack

Disable Icons on the Desktop

You use the desktop to transfer some documents or media files on the fly. But this would mean cluttering your desktop with many icons. The following will allow you to hide these icons from the desktop view for a clean desktop yet the files can be found in the Finder app.

To view the icons back again, paste the following hack in the terminal.

Enable Text Selection within Quicklook feature

This is one of the killer hacks that I was craving for since Mountain Lion was announced. Quicklook is a great feature that lets you “peek” at the documents or media files without actually opening the files. You can get this Quicklook feature by the three-finger tap on any file you wish to preview. With this feature you can view PDF files, play audio and even video files.

One thing the Quicklook feature sorely lacks is the text selection. Normally while viewing documents, you cannot select the text withing Quicklook. Western digital my book live mac software. This would have been handy when you want some important information on the fly. Thanks to this hack, we can now enable text selection right from Quicklook!

If, for some reason, you really do not want this feature, you can turn of this feature with this hack.

Show the Path Bar in Finder

This is a handy feature when you wish to see where the current file is in your directories. To enable this feature, simple paste this hack and press enter.

You can turn this off via this hack.

There are many more hacks (22 in total) listed in the article. If you are the hacker type, you can head to the GitHub page for a comprehensive list of hacks that you can do on your OS X machine.

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